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What is the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program?

QMB – Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program helps the district residents Those who are eligible for Medicare pay for their Medicare Costs, in simple this Means that the Medicaid will Pay for the Medicare Premiums, Deductibles and Coinsurance For the Medicare Covered services. Here you will also receive extra help with you are Costs which is under the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits (Medicare Part D). Which will limit the amount you have to pay for you are Prescriptions to only a few Dollars each.

Who Can be eligible for the QMB – Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program?

 You can receive Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Coverage if you are:

  • Medicare Eligible, Entitled to Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B (or a both).
  • If you are a District Resident.
  • If you are a United Citizen or have an Eligible Immigration Status and
  •  If you have Income up to 300% of the FPL.

What does Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program Cover?

The Medicaid DC Program pays for:

  1. DC Medicaid Program pays for – Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B Premiums.
  2. DC Medicaid Program Pays for – Medicare Deductibles for a Medicare Covered Services.
  3. DC Medicaid Program Pays for – Medicare Coinsurance for Medicare Covered Services.
  4. The Extra Help for Paying Prescription Drug Costs Under the Medicare part D.

QMB – Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries are for the people who usually have too high income for Medicaid, But for some People who need extra help in paying the bills. Even though DC Medicaid will pay for you are Medicare Costs, it does not Mean that you are entitled to an DC Medicaid Benefits, The DC Medicaid Program which will assist you in paying for the services you are Covered under Medicare, But not for a Medicaid Services.

When People get Health Services, need to remember, always show you are QMB – Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries Card, when you show you are Medicare Card. This card tells that is the proof of you are QMB Status and importantly it means that you are Health care Provider cannot bill you for Medicare Deductibles or Co-pays.

When you are DC Medicaid Help you pay for you are Medicare Costs, it doesn’t mean that you are entitled to a DC Medicaid Benefits. This DC Medicaid Program will Assist People in paying for Services Which is Covered under Medicare, but not for a Medicaid Services.

People who lose your QMB Card, please make sure to call the District’s Office of the Health care Ombudsman and Bill of Rights at number 1-877-685-6391.

  QMB plus – What is Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Plus

Those who are District Residents who are eligible For Medicare Coverage, and those who are eligible for Medicaid under the aged, Disabled or Blind category can receive Medicaid full benefits, Plus it will help paying for their Medicare Premiums like Deductibles and Co-insurances for Under Medicare Covered Services. To eligible for the (QMB Plus) Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program, you must meet all the following requirements for Medicaid and all the requirements for the QMB Program.

The Additional Information for QMBs and QMB plus Beneficiaries:

People who change you are address, please inform or notify the ESA – Economic Security Administration / IMA Formerly the Income Maintenance Administration as soon as possible at number (202) 724-5506.

If you need help in enrolling in the Medicare Drug benefit or if you have any other Questions you may call to the George Washington Law School Health Insurance Counseling Project at – (202) 994-6272 or the office of Health Care Ombudsman & Bill of Rights at 1-877-685-6391

This Figures Compiled using FPL Numbers Distributed by the U.S Department of the Health and Human services.  (5% Income Disregard is included)

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People also ask:

What is the QMB program in the Georgia?

This Program is Designed to fill the Gaps in Medicare Coverage by eliminating the Out-of-pocket expenses for the Medicare Covered Services. Also, QMB Program helps the low-income Beneficiaries by paying their Medicare Premiums like Coinsurance and Deductibles.

What is the Income limit for QMB?

The first 3 Programs:
1. QMB.
2. QI

Require that you have limited financial resources to qualify, For Individual This can be more than $8,400 and for married couple will be $12,600.

What is the Difference between QMB and Medicaid?

The QMB Program has Specific income requirements that must be met and for Medicaid insurance caters to an individual for low income and provides an affordable Government funded Healthcare Options for this Demographic.

What is the difference between QMB & SLMB?

-The SLMB is Net Countable income which is below 120% of the FPL – Federal Poverty Level, which is Below $1,089 for a single person, and for Couple it is $1,471.
– QMB – The Net Countable income or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (which is at or below for single person is $908 and for couple it is $1,266.

What is SLMB Stand for?

The SLMB Stands for – Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary Program.

Do QMB Cover prescription drugs?

Are the Prescription Drugs covered by QMB – The Beneficiaries who are qualify for the QMB Program will automatically receive Assistance with the Cost of the Drug Prescription through this extra help, this is also know as the Medicare part D for Low Income Subsidy, This Program Mainly Limits the Cost you pay to the Hospitals, Out of Pocket to a Few dollars as per Prescription.

What are the 3 types of Medicare Savings Programs?

The 3 Types of Medicare Savings Programs are:
1. QMB – Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB)
2. SLMB – Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB)
3. QI – Qualifying Individual (QI)

What Drugs does Medicare not pay?

The Medicare will not pay for:
Medicare Does not Cover:
– Drug which are used to Treat anorexia, Weight gain and Weight loss.
– Drugs which are used for Hair growth and cosmetic purposes
– For Fertility Drugs.
– Drugs which are use for only Relief of Cold or a Cough Symptoms.
– Drugs which are used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Do Everyone Get Medicare part D Automatically?

You will get a Medicare part D automatically enrolled drug plan unless you have declined the Coverage or plan to join by yourself.

Can you be Denied for a Medicare Part D?

No, you cannot Denied enrollment to a Medicare Part D plan program, This plans are issued guaranteed as long you are in a valid Enrollment period. Those who are pre-existing conditions will never affect with the Medicare part D Enrollment.

How do you lose you are Medicare Eligibility?

The Reasons which you are Medicare Benefits could be taken away:

  1. You no longer have a Qualifying Disability
  2. When you fail to pay you are plan premiums.
  3. When you move outside coverage of your plans covered area.
  4. When you are plan is discontinued.
  5. When you have lied, or you have provided misleading information on you are plan applications.
  6. When you have engaged in disruptive behavior or Medicare fraud.

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